Chronology of the Times

To get a better feeling of what things were like during the time of the Jordan Family move west, below is a chronological listing of events. Included, with Jordan Family activities, are historical facts, U.S. Presidents in office, inventions, discovories and others. This way, this daring  journey may be better appreciated. San Joaquin Valley Timeline

1770  -  Francis Jordan Sr., father of Captain John Jordan was born in North Carolina.
1776  - Declaration of Independance adopted. Liberty Bell first rung.
1789  - George Washington, first President of the United States takes office.
1803  - Louisiana Purchase
Jordans are first white men to settle in Illinois. Build five forts. Tom Jordan killed by Indians.
1804  - Alexander Hamilton is mortally wounded in duel with Aaron Burr.
1807  - Captain John Jordan born in Illinois.
1809  - Third U.S. President, Thomas Jefferson leaves office.
1815  - Napoleon defeated by Wellington at Waterloo.
1826  - First American to cross the mountains into California.
1832  - John Jordan and Eliza Jane marry in Illinois.
1833  - First child, Mary Ann, born to John and Eliza Jane.
Jordans take wagon train to Texas
1837  - President Andrew Jackson, 7th U.S. President, leaves office.
1845  - Texas is annexed to Union.
1845  - John Jordan and Alney T. McGee begin mining salt at Jordan Saline.
1848  - Gold discovered in Sutters Fort.  Gold Rush to California began.
1850  - Jordan Wagon Train arrives in California. (August)
California becomes 31st state. (September)
1850  - President Taylor, 12th U.S. President is in office.
1852  - Tulare County formed. Only 3 houses in Tulare County. First cattle brand in county.
1852  - Fort Visalia built, which later became first town in county.
1852  - First child of Captain John and Eliza Jane to be born in California. Thomas Jefferson Jordan was born in Monterey County.
1853  - First white child born in Tulare County.
1855  - First school in Tulare County.
1857  - John Jordan moves his family to Tulare County.
1859  - First Butterfield Stage left St. Louis for California.
1859  - First newspaper in Tulare County, "Tulare County Record and Fresno Examiner".
1860  - Tulare County population 4,638.  The Tulare County Board of Supervisors decided a trail across the Sierras was needed.
1861  - Tulare County Board of Supervisors award trail construction to John Jordan. Construction began.
1861  - Our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln is elected to office.   U.S. Civil War begins.
1862  - Captain John Jordan drowns in Kern River.
1863  - First oranges planted in county. First commercial grove not planted until 1890.
1865  - First newspaper is published in Fresno County, "Fresno Times".
1866  - Alfred Nobel invents dynamite.
1869  - First U.S. transcontinental rail route completed.
1872  - First railroad to Tulare and Fresno Counties.
1885  - First automobile
1886  -  President Grover Cleveland accepted the Statue of Liberty from France.
1888  - First hand held camera.
1892  - Original "Pledge of Allegiance" to the flag was published.
1893   First Jordan Reunion - at the home place, north of Exeter
1895  - Radio is invented
1898  - Spanish American War begins.
1899  - First aspirin.
1903  - Wright Brothers fly at Kittyhawk
1906  - San Francisco earthquake
1926  - First television
1928  - Penicillin is discovered.